eye on the good things…


This year, 2019, let’s commit to giving it a positive spin and looking at ways to always keep the focus and energy on the aspects that shall keep us happy and give off positive vibes. Sure, easier said than done, but still, it can happen. Know that everything comes with an expiry- every negative emotion, every stress, hardship, suffering..it will end. Nothing is constant, hence why not bag on the goodness of all good that we get to face. It is hard enough with the exterior forces are at play and push you to face your demons and fight against all that weakens and angers you, promise yourself, you will make your inner light shine stronger on days when its needed the most. Know your self-worth ; know you can strive stronger and survive this feeling, moment.

It will get better. Know that things will always get better. Cherish the simple things. Cherish your people around you. Showcase your little ones how being kind, saying kind things, will be their success story. Spend moments that will bring goodness to you and your loved ones. Honour the things that make life good, and bring forth the same keenness towards your children. Life doesn’t have to be as hard as it comes… the inner you has better things planned out; listen to yourself and all the positivity around you.

here’s to the good things in 2019..



The colors, different but mingled !


Look at those colors just oozing out from their firm textures. They needed a way out; they wanted to be expressive and show how, even though they are of different wavelengths, they can easily infuse with others and when it all comes together, it is such a beautiful, rainbow-y and magical sight to behold. Blending in, because its all about coming together to create something even more beautiful…20248231_1444153849010460_484867771687944148_o

The Forgotten Sunnah – Standing in the Rain


beautifully written 🙂

Fiqhul Hadith

The Forgotten Sunnah – Standing in the Rain 

An unusual sound penetrated my train of thought as I sat studying at my desk. I looked up pensively from my book and a few moments passed before I realised that what I was hearing was the sound of pouring rain. A sound so common back in my hometown,Cape Town, was now so foreign to me in the desert city of Madinah.

I rushed out onto the balcony to admire the rainfall. As I stood, witnessing Allah’s answer to the prayers of the community, a strange sight caught my eye down below. A man, instead of running for cover, walked calmly to and into his building. He reappeared shortly carrying a chair. Still in a state of composure, he placed thechair out in the pouring rain and just sat down! He appeared to be enjoying the sensation of the raindrops falling on…

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The Peculiar of Fixing Things


So here’s the thing… I may snort, whimper and torment over how the era of technology aka social networking has taken over the very basic ways in which we used to hang on together as one family unit,but I know that no matter how strongly I voice against its irritating invasion into our personal lives, it is here to stay.

Its an undeniable fact. Kids of today know more so on how to navigate through the ipad than their adults. Their stubby little fingers move swiftly across the screen as they excitedly jump from one app to another. Its become such a common sight really. Even places, designed to give little ones a plethora of entertainment, are cramped with those irksome devices.

So don’t judge me when I got excited to see my daughter’s amusement when a plumber came to fix the drain pipe of the kitchen sink recently. Her curiosity  lead her to follow the man around the place, and I requested him to answer her perplexed questions. ” Why are you pushing a pipe down there?” “What does that tool do?” “Why is the water not coming?” “Why did you make a hole in the floor?”. Her questioning was music to my ears. I want her to know things sometimes break but than they can be fixed too, and not all the solutions can come from swiftly moving a finger across the ipad.. my nemesis for life.




Beauty of Nurturing


There is something very fulfilling in watching your young ones nurture and give to something younger than themselves. It helps them understand the beauty of providing and not expecting anything in return; to feel happiness and elation in knowing this little thing is connecting with you, in whatever little you provide to them.  Its just …beautiful

The Portal to Childhood Bliss


“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”: Recalling one of the most heart-warming lines from everyone’s favourite cuddly bear ‘Winnie the Pooh’, I cant help but nod in agreement to what this furry companion had to say ( or it was probably the maestro himself ‘A.A.Milne’).

When rewinding back to the times of my exuberant childhood ; back to the innumerable days of fun and frolic, the moments that flash with such clarity, are the ones when I would be browsing through my story books. The pictures and the words that would bring the characters and the scenarios to life, have always been the most treasured of my memories. While I cant recollect everything in complete order, I can still put the bit n’ pieces of the fantastical world together, to muse myself in that simplest and mightiest of joy. The people, the places, the creatures, would bring with them the cherishable  tears, joy and the pure goodness-the wholesome of things. It was so endearing and so fulfilling .

How can I say that? – because decades later, I can still close my eyes and transgress to the mythical world, where imagination unleashed tenfold. Where good comes from being honest and open to our thoughts and feelings, where having to cry doesn’t mean having to hide, where the evil is defeated with purity of intentions.

So many titles, so many amazing fables. They would buckle me for the journey to an everlasting portal of contentment.  How can I say that? – because even now, I can coin up those bits and pieces of images and words and move back into my euphoria of the simpest of joy- my childhood story books.